Site selection services

The colleagues of CEIS have been supporting large investment projects coming to the Central Eastern European region for 15 years. Through our Budapest and Bratislava offices, we provide assitance in site selection processes, according to the decision making factors provided by investors and also our experiences. We also provide country and location studies, moreover, we are connecting investors with local market players. We are in close contact with the stakeholders of this region who play determining role in the realisation of large investment projects. With preparing location comparison studies we are also working out business plan scenarios that can serve as a basis for effective decision making processes. Within this group of services, we cover for example the following tasks, involving our senior experts or our professional partners:

  • Market studies
  • Regional HR studies, including a feasibility study for a possible organigram, containing a realistic cost and time planning
  • Presenting long list of suitable properties, supporting the site selection with long list visits, stakeholder meetings (with local municipalities, industrial parks, property owners, reference companies in the region) and evaluations, suggesting short list locations, organising short list visits, stakeholder meetings and working out evaluations
  • Working out state subsidy calculations for the different locations, supporting all state subsidy processes for the selected site
  • Working out country or location comparison studies, covering labour market chapter, analysis of investment an operational costs, logistical distances and transport possibilities, state subsidy possibilities and business planning

State subsidies

CEIS provides different professional services in the field of state subsides. Significant part of our team has long years of experiences in working out, notifying, operating and monitoring subsidy schemes. Within state subsidies, we cover the following services for our large corporate, SME, governmental and municipality clients:

Working out a tailor-made state subsidy map

Our professional team examines our clients figures, financial, development and HR plans and works out a full-scale map of available subsides, including all Hungarian, local and EU funds. The list of the available subsidies can contribute to the decision making process of the different extension or HR plans.

Working out subsidy documentations, tender preparation

Our team has long years of experiences in working out subsidy documentations, from project generating, through project preparation, project shaping in accordance with subsidy conditions, to working out feasibility studies or business plans. We are following up all subsidy related processes till handling the subsidy documentations, completion and concluding the subsidy agreements.

Project management: following up in the realisation phase

Managing subsidy issues cannot stop at the signature of the incentive agreement. We support our clients in the management of the subsidies during the realistion phase, as well. Within project management services, we are covering the following tasks:

  • Following up the realisation of the subsidy project
  • Disbursement of subsidy packages
  • Working out necessary reports for the authorities
  • Managing necessary modifications of the incentive agreement

Assistance in resolving state subsidy problems

The CEIS team has more than ten years of experience in working out, operating and monitoring of Hungarian and European Union subsidy schemes. Based on the Hungarian and EU legal background, our long years of experiences and routine we provide professional assistance in managing state subsidy questions, problems and modifications by comprehensively examining the problem, we work out different solution scenarios and support to find the right decision at high level proficiency.

Consultancy for governmental authorities on working out and operating subsidy systems

Our team participates permanently at working out, commenting and monitoring of state subsidy systems, including preparatory market researches, gap analysis, stakeholder interviews or ex-post evaluations. Our experiences both in the governmental projects and in the market make us able to work out market friendly suggestions with real incentive effect in line with EU and local regulation.

Export promotion

Entering a new market in another country means one of the greatest challenges in a life of a small and medium sized enterprise. The success of export promotion is usually hindered by geographical distances, different regulations and legal backgrounds and limited time and energy of the owners and managers of our clients. Our team is supporting companies entering the Slovak or Hungarian market based on the long years of experiences in international projects. We are offering representing, market research, business planning, pricing, matchmaking services for our clients.

Strategic consultancy

CEIS offers professional support for private and public organisations in working out and implementing of strategies.

Our services in strategic consultancy:

  • Strategic planning: analysis in the fields of potential clients, partners, markets, competitors and situations,
  • Operative planning: working out implementation plans in line with the strategies (for example product development, improving efficiency, cost reduction etc.)
  • Process planning and controlling: continuous process modelling in line with strategies and goals, working out Operational Regulations,
  • Business planning and modelling in line with strategies and goals,
  • Supporting implementation: project management, implementation structures, monitoring, working out communication and motivation tools.

In the framework of strategic consultancy CEIS has become a determining competence centre in the fields of development policy and state subsidies.

Our services in economic development policy:

  • Development policy planning,
  • Working out ex-ante studies and analysis in connection to operative programs,
  • Generating, planning complex projects financed by European Union co-financing, preparing decisions and supporting project management,
  • Management services in connection to project planning and implementation,
  • Working out studies and analysis before launching financial instruments,
  • Working out, preparing and launching new financing models for public organisations, for example local municipalities.